Crusty Demons – “Rise Of The Demons” @ Royal Adelaide Showgrounds, Adelaide 5/7/2019

Crusty Demons has built up well-earned reputation of bringing the biggest and best moto-cross riders to arenas around the world performing unbelievable gravity-defying stunts. The latest show Rise of the Demons promised exactly this and being one of the uninitiated, I was very keen to see what the fuss was all about.

With lines stretching around the block it was undoubtedly one of the hottest tickets in town on this balmy Adelaide evening. The crowd were covered from head to toe in motocross branded paraphernalia and once they had taken their seats in front on the custom jump ramps and stage, the accompanying heavy metal soundtrack launched the show in style. Balls of fire, and a series of riders flying through the air to what mast have been a good twenty to thirty metres in the air had the crowd roaring from the get-go, and a pair of WWE-like emcee’s who were to host the evening proceedings. It obvious that the fans of these events are die-hards, know all the riders, the hosts…. and are ecstatic to see if unfolding in front of their very own eyes.

I was actually amazed to how close the fans can get to the jumps and to the bikes themselves, with the riders continuously passing out waves of high-5s to fans along the barriers. As the event progressed riders from all corners of the globe were introduced one by one by the bantering hosts and had their moment in the spotlight performing some simply unbelievable stunts that at times were out of this world. So just how does one let go of a motorbike whilst upside down thirty metres in the air, do a rotation or pirouette-or-two and somehow land the thing back on two wheels. You are sure that at any moment the ambulance will be called…. But that moment never comes.

Some of the biggest roars of the two hours spectacular were saved for a couple of young lads aged only sixteen and eighteen who had recently joined the fold. The youngsters were far from overshadowed by some of the bigger names, and looked well at home in the arena spectacular.

From the outside looking in Crusty Demon appears to be simply an adrenaline-driven hell ride of unbelievable moto-cross aerial acrobatics. In fact… that’s exactly what it is. It doesn’t attempt to be something other than exactly that. They know what the fans want, and they give it to them in truckloads as only the Crusty Demons can.

Live Review By Lindsay Bulach

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