Hoodoo Gurus, Dallas Crane @ The Gov, Adelaide 4/10/2019

The partnering of Hoodoo Gurus and Dallas Crane seemed like the perfect soundtrack to bring in the long weekend. Tickets had been sold out for weeks for a rare chance to see Hoodoo Gurus play a club show in Adelaide when traditionally they play big festivals such as A Day On The Green these days.

Dallas Crane opened and BOOM! These guys typify that pub rock spirit and even now with the calibre of tunes in their armoury I’m surprised they aren’t a lot bigger than what they are. Their set was packed full of rock greatness starting with Wrong Party, The Sunnyside to Sold Me and No Through Road. Front man Dave Larkin conceded it wasn’t easy being the support for Hoodoo Gurus encouraging the sold out crowd to give them something. The ZZ Top cover Beer Drinkers & Hellraisers was brilliant as was the single requested by Jimmy Barnes in Sit On My Knee was top notch. Dirty Hearts topped off their set and we can only hope another Adelaide gig is on the cards soon and people come out to support The Crane.

The Hoodoo Gurus were next and they didn’t disappoint. I can’t ever recall being disappointed walking away from a Hoodoo Gurus show. It was fantastic that Adelaide was able to turn it on for the Gurus. After set opener Right Time Dave Faulkner requested the house lights be turned up so he could see the crowd. An old one followed in Dig It Up with Faulkner promising a deep dive in to the back catalogue bringing out the likes of Death In The Afternoon and If Only from Blue Cave before playing “the favs” later on.

Thumbs up for Death Defying and deep cuts Out That Door, On My Street and Party Machine. Leilani and Tojo were unreal and if that wasn’t enough Faulkner dropped this little juicy nugget that a new album is not far off. Wahoo!!! There was still plenty of good time moments left to come in the set with Cracking Up, Bitter Sweet (arguably the best rock song ever written), Come Anytime and Axegrinder.

Faulkner asked the crowd if they were OK after being pummelled with rock before finishing the main set with Miss Freelove, 1000 Miles Away and finishing on I Was A Kamikaze Pilot.

The band returned for the first of two encores with the first featuring a treasure trove of hit singles including My Girl, What’s My Scene and Like Wow – Wipeout. Most fans thought that was it and started busting a move to the door when the band had a second wind returning for more starting with what Faulkner says is their national anthem Bring The Hoodoo Down and wrapping up an awesome night on Where Nowhere Is. Awesome! Bring on the new album!

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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