Buckcherry, Hardcore Superstar @ The Gov, Adelaide 9/10/2019

Rock ‘n roll heavy weights Buckcherry and Hardcore Superstar hit Adelaide with an almighty thud leaving their presence felt and literally blasting the roof off The Gov. Loyal fans of both bands gathered for what was going to be an awesome night of rock tunes and there definitely was a sense of anticipation that this was really going to be epic.

Gothenberg, Sweden’s finest Hardcore Superstar are not pedestrian by any means at all. Holy shit! These guys are really good! They burst out of the blocks full of fire and brimstone making sure punters would remember the name Hardcore Superstar. Opening with Moonshine and Electric Rider they were going full tilt. Lead singer Jocke Berg asked the question “are you having a good day because it’s going to get better” before going full steam on We Don’t Celebrate Sundays. The band looked like they were playing in front of forty thousand as Jocke Berg worked the stage giving punters down the front plenty high fives.

Wild Boys rocked and Bag Your Head was one of those songs they don’t play too often. Jocke asked the crowd if they liked their alcohol insinuating that they had come to the right place. In Hardcore Superstar tradition a few lucky fans were brought up on stage to down a few Jagermeister bombs which served as the perfect intro to Last Call For Alcohol. No doubt the majority would have been happy for Hardcore to play longer but after You Can’t Kill My Rock ‘n Roll, Liberation and then No Resistance the end is near. Jocke played drums on the tail head of No Resistance before revving up the crowd asking them if they are ready to fuck the law encourage punters to give the one fingered salute finishing their set on Above The Law. Fingers crossed that we can see these guys again in Adelaide.

Californian rock band Buckcherry are riding high celebrating twenty years since their self-titled debut and their awesome new album Warpaint. In short, these guys were brilliant! My ears copped a hell of a pounding even with ear plugs but it was worth it. How was that opener??? Hot damn! Not a bad way to kick off their set than with Nine Inch Nail’s Head Like A Hole. There is no doubt that Josh Todd is one of best front men going round and the guitaring of Stevie D was awesome to watch.

The band have been mixing up the set list slightly with Porno Star up next followed by Ridin’. Josh Todd said being right here was the icing on the cake celebrating twenty years and their eighth record. Radio Song off Warpaint was great and the crowd went in to hyperdrive for Lit Up which prompted the response “you guys are strong tonight”. Todd described Somebody Fucked With Me as wanting to write the most fucked up song. Right Now and Everything were great moments with Todd reaffirming what Buckcherry is about – having a good time and revelling in the live experience. The Kenny Loggins cover Footloose was awesome and a surprise from left field with Todd saying “we’ll try and work this one up”. Set closer Crazy Bitch which morphed in to Jungle Boogie and Proud Mary was a massive highlight. The band weren’t done returning for an encore which featured the reconfigured Icona Pop cover Say Fuck It from the Fuck EP.

For those who contemplated and didn’t go you missed a great show. Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane you’re next, make sure you get tickets from Silverback Touring.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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