City Calm Down @ Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide 12/10/2019

It was definitely a case of mixed emotions heading in to see City Calm Down at Lion Arts Factory for what was the last time before the band go on an indefinite hiatus. In a recent interview before their killer new album Television came out there seemed to be that feeling of optimism that this would be the album that would break them on a much bigger scale around the world. As a big fan I’m left wondering what has changed and how did it come to this? Bands come and go, music changes but I reckon this news hit me a bit harder as I doubt anyone would have seen this coming.

Lion Arts Factory seemed to be the perfect venue for it, small, tight, intimate and full of die hard fans wanting to make sure this last Adelaide show was a memorable one. Kudos to supports Blush Response and Paradise Club who both sounded great. It was bang on ten when City Calm Down took to the stage for the last time in Adelaide to a hero like reception.

Fresh off a European tour the band was tour hardened and played a spell blinding set for the next seventy five minutes. OMG! How good were they? Well, if this is the way they want to be remembered they are doing it in still. Kicking off with Television the band were in full flight. Front man Jack Bourke acknowledged it was good to be back after being away for a long time. Rabbit Run and Blood followed then going back to the first album to play In A Restless House. There was no let up as they unleashed one quality tune after another with Lucy Bradley, Pride and new single Weatherman coming in quick succession.

The new album has so many quality moments such as Flight and if you don’t have a copy you should get one. Border On Control was another highlight with the band being humbled by the occasion and thanking fans for their support. They did speak about the white elephant in the room and you can’t help but feel that maybe the door might be left open slightly ajar for some time in the future.

Joan, I’m Disappearing is a killer song and really does typify City Calm Down and what they are about, tonight’s version confirmed that. There was plenty more to come from earlier in their career with Son, Your Fix and Pleasure And Consequence from the Movements EP. Bourke said that song was ten years old even though they were twenty two years old! Stuck (On The Eastern) was fantastic as was the brilliant Visions Of Graceland. The end was here, Bourke said there would be no encore but would save the best for last playing a ripper version of In This Modern Land. Fantastic show and a great way to go out even though it is a case of mixed emotions for a lot fans. Thanks to City Calm Down for three great albums and an EP which won’t disappear to the back of my music collection and plenty of great live memories.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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