Bad Manners @ The Gov, Adelaide 12/10/2023

When Bad Manners are in town you know that you’re going to be for a great night and if you don’t leave the venue smiling there is something clearly wrong with you. The atmosphere at The Gov was awesome and it really did seem as if Thursday is the new Friday. A big crowd keen on a big night and that’s exactly what the got. Not normally the genre of music I would go and check out but I am glad that I did as this was a terrific show and just what I needed after a long week.

Fronted by larger than life cult figure Buster Bloodvessel who is very much front and centre of the band commanded attention encouraging the faithful to sing, dance, jump and have a right ‘ole good time. If I had half as much energy as he does at this age I think I would be doing OK. His band in short are elite playing a spirited and energetic set feeding off the energy of the crowd. It seventy five minutes or so of their greatest hits making every second of that count.

No pointless banter, no guitar change overs, just back to back greatest hits played at a frenetic pace. Opening with Echo 4 +2 and This Is Ska the crowd really got in to the vibe with a cover of Millie’s My Girl Lollipop. Feel Like Jumping is about exactly that and whilst the overall coordination with the crowd wasn’t quite there the intent was there. It isn’t until you experience a show like this when you can fully appreciate how many hits, well bangers, they have in their armory. Walking in the Sunshine and Sally Brown were stellar topped off by the Frankie Valli cover Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.

There was no let up from go to woe with Just A Feeling, Inner London Violence, El Pussycat and Ne-Ne Na-Na Na-Na Nu-Nu keeping that good time vibe going. Even Buster himself said “I don’t know where the time has gone but it’s gone” finishing the main set with Wooly Bully and Special Brew. The encore really did top off an awesome night with the band powering their way through Don’t Knock the Baldhead, big hit single Lip Up Fatty and finishing on Can Can. Buster promised Adelaide that they will be back (we’ll hold you to that!) and with fiftieth anniversary celebrations not far away there’s plenty to look forward to.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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