Volumes @ Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide 13/10/2023

US band Volumes long awaited and delayed arrival to Adelaide finally lands with the same heaviness of a jumbo jet landing.

The four piece rip apart every square metre of the stage with the energy of an angry caged lion waiting to escape. The bass pure and crunching, the beat rattles the walls and the dual vocal combination means one of them is always igniting the audience.

Then there is the music. Opening with FBX and The Mixture, the bottom end rumbles, vocalists Michael Barr And Myke Terry let loose and the intimate crowd are already eating out of the bands hands.

The dual vocals are a great sound, they compliment each other and it means while one is pouring his heart out, the other is getting everyone amped up.

Holywater and Weighted have a groove that has people move towards the front as the pit begins to break out while Edge Of The Earth is a unique moment in time that everyone feels inside as we sing in unison.

Erased has the camera lights out, 91367 is blur of fantastic rage and that breakdown in ‘Void’ is beautifully chaotic.

The final run somehow, yes somehow, takes it up a notch with Happier?, arguably the song of 2022 in Bend and finishing with a detonator charged Wormholes.

It’s been a while, and a delayed while at that for Volumes to get here and the sweat drenched band leave absolutely nothing off the table tonight. For those there, it was magical, for those who chose not to, you missed one of those rare evenings that only music can provide.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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