Amos Gill: The Pursuit Of Happy (ish) @ The Virago, Gluttony, Adelaide 28/2/2023

He’s best known in Australia as a radio and TV host, but in the United States, Amos Gill’s name is usually associated with Jim Jefferies, another Australian comedian now living it large in the states. Having travelled the world with Jefferies for quite a few years now, Amos hasn’t forgotten his Adelaide roots.

It’s great to have him back on home soil, telling tales with indiscreet abandon about relatives living in St Marys, boys on school buses gawking at Seymour College girls, Hallett Cove and fish tailing at Wingfield dump.

He’s a local boy set loose on the world in search of happiness and while Tuesday’s late-night audience of 62 people took a while to focus, Amos’s broad range of material ensured our journey into the far reaches of Gluttony was worthwhile.

But as Amos Gill tells us, he’s not for everyone. No-one and no topic is safe from his acerbic, self-deprecating wit – the monarchy, 26th of January, tradies, dementia, horse-racing, and adoption are just some of the topics under attack.

Amos’s intellect provided a scathing perspective to many of the hypocrisies of a social media fuelled and materialistic world. Witticisms that wouldn’t be out of place in a courtroom (after all, he’s a qualified lawyer) interspersed hilarious yet poignant yarns about relatives. Without giving away any spoilers, I recommend attending this show to hear no-holds-barred stories of how Amos had travelled the world but had ultimately witnessed happiness closer to home in a form of his grandparents’ stoic love. A happy, yet heart-rending, tale in the end.

Fringe Review By Kim Burley

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