Cab Suave @ Ukiyo at Gluttony, Adelaide 26/2/2023

I’m not going to think of some fancy way to say it because I just fell in love with the show from the very first minute. I simply loved Cab Suave. It was sophisticated and sexy with a 1920s speakeasy elegance that had just the right amount of risqué. The show has a ‘reimagined film noir’ Dick Tracy themed storyline that blends circus acts and modern-day songs creating a dark and sultry jazz club vibe for the intimate Ukiyo tent.

The cast of characters in Cab Suave are shiny, sassy and sexy! Dick Johnson played by Jack Wilde is the undercover private eye watching you, seeing your every move. He’s working for a very well-endowed elderly client and he’s on a mission to solve the case at the Cabaret Suave. Narrating his way through while juggling and doing ladder tricks capturing perfectly the film noir genre with his animated Dick Tracy like charm and charisma. 

Baby played by Ambrose Kelso was in command on the bright pink aerial silks twisting and twirling like a boss as well as hula hooping their way through the night. Mal played by Latonya Wigginton showed us her impressive body strength with steady balancing on trapeze as well as showing off her swinging hula hoop skills. 

Ember played by Winter Cyan wowed the crowd on the cyr wheel and set us alight with some hot hot hot fire-breathing. Trance played by Laney Mejias singer served up sultry vocals on a jazzy version of Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes and an even hotter sexier version of Peggy Lee’s Fever!

The bond between cast members enhances the mystic and excitement of the show. Cab Suave offers up cheeky comedy, glittery costumes and slick circus acts so I definitely recommend you Grab Ya Tix! for this show!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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