PreHysterical @ The Vault at Fool’s Paradise, Adelaide 26/2/2023

Adelaide Fringe isn’t just for adults. There are shows for kids and one that is presented by Head First Acrobatics is PreHysterical. Winner of Best Children’s Weekly Award – Adelaide Fringe 2020 and 2022 pretty much tells you that this show is a heap of fun!

Three Neanderthal friends finding their way through life’s struggles of how to make fire, how to swim across a river, inventing sports games or simply how to communicate with each other. This is all cleverly combined with cheeky circus acrobatics, ball bouncing feats, swing trapeze, rope aerials, slapstick comedy and plenty of audience interaction. The show stopping scene is the slow-motion fight sequency. That alone is worth the ticket price!

The kids loved it. At times it was hard to hear the Neanderthals from the excited laughs and shrieks but that’s a good sign of a great kids show. If the kids are enjoying it, then it’s a winner! One thing though that I still haven’t quite worked out and I’ve seen a few kids shows at Fringe, is that kids love a good fart joke. They really do get all hysterical. It’s actually quite amusing to see their big smiles and rambunctious laughter at every fart joke.

While PreHysterical is a kids show, I guarantee you adults will love it too! Head First Acrobatics are world class entertainment company providing high quality shows. If you have kids and want to see a kid friendly Fringe show, then Grab Ya Tix! to this one!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

For tickets and show information for PreHysterical head to FringeTix

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