The Good Italian Girl Presents – Italian Love is a Battlefield @ Eliza Hall at Payinthi, Adelaide 24/2/2023

Claudia Callisto is a Giussa with a big personality, big hair and even bigger dreams! Have you ever noticed that most of the ‘ethnic’ comedians are male? Callissto is a cultural storyteller making sure that her and other Italian Australian women’s stories are told from a woman’s perspective. All children of European immigrant parents can relate and her show The Good Italian Girl Presents – Italian Love is a Battlefield was a trip back in time to a world ethnic girls all grew up in and endured the unwritten book of ethnic rules.

Growing up Italian or of any non-Anglo identity was certainly a battle. A battle with identity, cultural differences and expectations. Callisto delivers stories of growing up and being on that parental battlefield. From fighting cultural restrictions, breaking down generational barriers and trying to dodge the parental ‘wog guilt trips’ there were plenty of nostalgic and controversial (for young Italian girls at least) memories of growing up in the 80s.

Despite all the hardships and emotional struggles of having to live in two worlds, she carefully crafted a show that reflects on the fun and challenging times with both humour and respect. Throw in some fabulous 80s hits, dancing and lots of doily waving and it’s a fun ride back in time to a world that no longer exists but was an integral part of growing up in an Italian immigrant family.

Callisto is a storyteller with humour, infectious charm and cheekiness. Reflecting on how she grew up to now navigating bringing up her own son with a balance of traditional and modern ways, she is breaking chains and making new links on how to be The Good Italian Girl.

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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