I, Prevail “True Power”

I, Prevail worked their way to major success with Trauma and on their new album the Michigan boys show their True Power.

Numerous accolades followed the band across the globe despite not being able to fully tour the album, in Australia they have literally just finished their Trauma tour, and now a new album hits the turntables.

I, Prevail are always an interesting mix of musical bedfellows, this album really refines those styles in a completely natural way.

Opening track There’s Fear In Letting Go, Deep End and Closure are pop music at its finest. Catchy, melodic, dynamic yet all infused with a born in the gutter breakdown.

The mix of hip hop with the heaviest metal-core breakdowns you can get, all sit side by side like twins with opposite personalities. Maybe that’s who vocalists Brian Burkheiser and Eric Vanlerberghe are after all.

The riff in Bad Things is pure fire over what is essentially a hip hop song. Fake is underlaid with a wicked groove before an epic solo switches the dynamics up.

It’s in the aggressive this band show their True Power. Body Bag, Visceral, Long Live The King and Choke will all be favourites in the mosh pit.

Body Bag dropped right before the Aussie tour and was performed to raucous crowds who lapped up the mix of punk, doom and brutality the song brought.

Long Live The King has a short but instantly memorable chorus, full of power and fury which will be played out at sporting stadiums across America before long.

Choke is the standout track on an album of standouts. A crazy razor sharp riff, an electrifying chorus, a rip roaring Sabbath breakdown. If by the end of this song you’re not smashing shit against the walls, you have no pulse.

The band mix the songs playlist too, not too heavy for too long, not too ‘friendly’ at other times. They create a nice flow that keeps you engaged, absorbed in the twists and turns of each songs texture and journey they go on. It’s all combines naturally in a way that the 15 tracks fly by before you even realise.

True Power is a testament to a band that had found their mark on Trauma and decided to smash past that ceiling. It’s literally everything you love about this band.

Album Review By Iain McCallum

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