The Chats “Get F*cked”

Australia’s very own likeable larrikins The Chats are back and bigger than ever before with their second album Get Fucked. The band has firmly cemented their reputation on the Australian live music scene on the back of viral hits by way of Smoko, Pub Feed, Identity Theft and Dine n Dash to name a few. Get Fucked is a bold statement and is essentially a one fingered salute to anyone who isn’t on board. Do they care if you’re not? Nope!

The mantra for the thirteen tracks on Get Fucked is to go hard and fast clocking in at nearly twenty eight minutes, which does not outstay its welcome. Their debut is a hard act to follow but this album still flexes plenty of muscle with a new batch of songs steeped in Aussie idioms which will no doubt become part of the vernacular of the younger generation.

They offer a unique social commentary and take on what’s going on around them such as cigarettes (The Price Of Smokes), the challenges of public transport (Ticket Inspector), anxiety (Panic Attack) and financial woes (Out On The Street and Paid Late) which is relatable but not in a preachy sense.

It’s foot to floor with album opener 6L GTR with the ferocity continuing on Boggo Breakout. Don’t stop and contemplate the meaning of life as the song will be over and on to the next. Struck By Lightning, I’ve Been Drunk In Every Pub In Brisbane and Emperor Of The Beach are absolute fire crackers in their own right.

The chaotic and frenetic energy displayed is the hallmark of this album and will go down an absolute treat love. It would be easy to picture the mosh pit going off to these songs. Get Fucked is a solid an album and what you would expect from The Chats. The upward trajectory around the world will continue for The Chats and I can’t wait for the next lot of Aussie idioms on their next album.

Album Review By Rob Lyon

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