Holding Absence & Alpha Wolf ‘The Lost & The Longing’

Is there a release of contrast and flair more hotly anticipated than the Holding Absence and Alpha Wolf duo EP The Lost & The Longing this year?

Once news broke of Melbourne’s own firebrands and the Welsh post hardcore titans combining forces for a double EP, featuring one song each, plus duets with one band more prominent than the other, I eagerly waited for the link to arrive. And it did not disappoint.

Opening with the duet of 60cm Of Steel, the Alphawolf led track starts with an intro of bursts before exploding with the boom of building collapsing. It’s epic, powerful and continues the forward momentum this band is creating. When Holding Absence vocalist Lucas Woodland brings his melodic vocals into the track, it’s a glorious gasp of air before hurtling back into the pit of fire.

Alphawolf’s stand alone track is Hotel Underground which has already dropped and delivered a video too. Beginning with a blurt of Fuck it!, the razor riffs, venomous vocals and pounding rhythms are powerful and dynamic. What a start.

The Holding Absence led duet Aching Longing showcases how hard this band can be while still stringing together beautiful harmonious guitars, fast rhythms with soft vocals across the top. The melodic vocals feeling like flying on clouds of electricity.

Finishing the four track burst is Coffin which is a pained emotional cry of class. A gentle piano start, the songs kicks into a lush harmonised vocal performance within a imperious guitar melody to complete arguably the best four continuous tracks you’ll hear this year.

It’s a diverse EP, it’s daring and you know what, it works. It works with a fury of a vengeful enemy, it works with the unrequited love that is lost. It may be titled The Lost & The Longing but if you check this out, you’ll be finding a welcome diamond.

EP Review By Iain McCallum