Dom Chambers: A Boy and his Deck @ The Factory At The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide 25/2/2022

When a magician throws out all conventions of how a magic show should be it’s what you call a Dom Chambers show. A Boy and his Deck is not your standard run of the mill magic show. He breaks all the rules and stamps his own mark on each card trick. That’s the ‘trick’ to making an entertaining magic show. None of these ‘pulling a rabbit out of the hat’ kinda tricks. Chambers creates his own card tricks that will dazzle you and leave you bewildered trying to work out ‘‘how did he do that?”

Running through some history and telling his story about how he first discovered card magic and his quest to impress his hero underground card legend T. S. Eriksson. The passion began at a young age and it still runs through his veins now as a 29-year-old. The way he shuffles, twirls and swivels the cards in his hands so swiftly is pure magic in itself. And that’s before the tricks have started!

Without revealing any spoilers because it is best you go see it to understand the connection between tricks, Chamber’s selected nine audience members to participate in a trick where he reveals all nine cards. This is the start of a show that involves storytelling, childhood memories and card tricks that will surprise and amaze young or old.

In the audience this night was an eleven-year-old boy who many times was a lone clap in the sea of silence. Seeing his sheer joy and delight at each trick was sweet. Having said that this show does go into risqué adults only territory with stories of Chambers as a young teenage boy. Let’s just say the word ‘jizz’ is mentioned a few times. Don’t’ worry it’s a key feature of the show for a reason!

Dom Chambers loves his deck… of cards. He brings magic into the 2020’s with charm and style. Messing with your mind and stunning you with tricks that are different to anything you’ve seen before. Chambers is the popstar of card magic!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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