Josh Glanc: Vrooom Vrooom @The Bally at Gluttony, Adelaide 26/2/2022

Josh Glanc – Vroom Vroom. It’s not my first lap around the track seeing Josh Glanc. Sometimes seeing a performer a few times can go either way but each time I see Glanc I just can’t help but laugh uncontrollably. His comedy is not stand-up which allows for a wider scope of visual gags and roleplaying. Its like watching a live version of a comedy skit show but obviously live where its more dangerous and risqué.

If there was a Fringe Award for best musical opening in a show then Vroom Vroom takes the cake. Actually, I should say takes the potato cake! Singing all about take way food it could become a great jingle for a fast food joint. Music and song play a big part in this year’s show and all with hilarious results. The songs are catchy, the lyrics are at times bawdy and his original compositions are about the simplest and mundane things in life. He can turn the most ordinary into ridiculous!

Glanc is a genius when it comes to characters and voice overs with precision timing on his delivery on each and every line and that’s the key to funny comedy. Whether he’s a truck driver, a reporter or a host he zooms in and out of characters taking you on a wild ride. He nails it with his mime skills and facial expressions making you laugh non-stop.

Josh Glanc is still loud, brash, unpredictable and funny! It’s a wild ride and as I’ve said before, you don’t know where he will go or how far he will take it. That’s why he is a must see!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

Vroom Vroom has finished its run

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