Stephen K Amos @ The Roundhouse At The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide 24/2/2022

I have seen Stephen K Amos many times over the years at the Fringe and for the last few years at the Arts Theatre in Angas St and prior to that at the Governor Hindmarsh in 2007! This is his first time ever in the Garden. I see him on a regular basis as he is affable, talented and most importantly very funny. As usual, he was excellent at choosing a few of the audience and returning to them over the hour of the show. He was rusty remembering their names which was quite fairly blamed on jet lag.

As he had not performed for two years since he was in Adelaide two years ago he had a lot of new material he tried out on us and the theme of the night was that it was all on a clipboard of several pages of jokes that he was ticking if we laughed at them! From my vantage point, I could see he only got through the first two pages and only skimmed the next few pages when he only had two minutes to go in the set. That means he has loads of material to try in the coming weeks.

I absolutely love his impressions of his family with their Nigerian accents and his story of how his Dad moved into his house and his ruminations of the lockdown and hobbies was hilarious. He then covered what he thought was the meaning of life in a very entertaining last part of his set. It was a fun hour and special praise must be given to Mary Tobin who has been presenting Stephen to us for over fourteen years and has been doing the same for many acts for over thirty years.

Adelaide Fringe Review By Richard De Pizzol

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