Nath Valvo – Chatty Cathy @ Babylon at The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide 10/03/2021

Its always a blast seeing a Nath Valvo show and this time he’s back with Chatty Cathy. From the second he’s on stage Valvo is a pocket rocket full of energy. The way he bounces around the stage with his cute flickering of the eyes or his death stare of perplexity, one thing is for sure; he has you laughing nonstop.

The topics came out thick and fast and relationships were a key theme whether it was his partner, mum, dad or in-laws. It seems Valvo’s in laws were the main target this time round with some interesting descriptions of their family life. No topic was left untouched. From Air BnB, his love for K-Mart, getting closer to his 40s, dissecting movies and real life, to grilling his audience for the best car parks in Adelaide (don’t ask, go see the show!) it was all hilarious.

During the Melbourne lockdown he learnt a new skill in writing stories and yes, we got to hear some of the Valvo Scary Stories series. Short sentences of the scariest human stories you will definitely relate and laugh to because you know they are true!

Valvo once again entertains us with his fast, witty razor-sharp comedy and each time I’ve seen him the show is never the same. No recycled jokes in Chatty Cathy. After his tenth appearance at the Adelaide Fringe he can still come out with new material which is exactly why you need to put Nath Valvo on your must see list this year!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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