Tim Ferguson – Smashing Life (Motivation For Idiots) @ The Virago At Gluttony, Adelaide 10/3/2021

Anyone who needs motivating needs to see this show. Not so much for motivation but more so for a good laugh. Tim Ferguson brings his new show Smashing Life (Motivation For Idiots) the The Virago at Gluttony and it’s not just for idiots! The show gave us some real-life helpful motivation tips and he warns us that he was once told ‘Never give advice because some fool might take it!’ Well, we took it with hilarious results.

Ferguson never lets his battle with MS be an obstacle using it as a tool within the show and making for some of the funniest moments. He preaches about life and death and how to navigate it with sharp straight out direct advice. The show is a one stop motivation shop. No subject is off limits taking on breathing techniques, masturbation and being the best version of yourself.

Throw away those books from Tony Robbins or The Art of Giving a F*ck and forget about The Secret this show tells it like it is and gives you the tools that you should already know on how to motivate yourself. If you didn’t know what your problems were well you certainly will after seeing this show!

Smashing Life (Motivation For Idiots) is a show full of motivational revelations that are only good for laughing at and what’s better than having a good laugh to motivate you!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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