Boss Squad @ The Lark At Gluttony – Rymill Park, Adelaide 12/3/2021

There is nothing better than going to the Adelaide Fringe on a warm evening in women’s history month and watching four badass women flex their muscles and mad acrobatic skills. Thanks to Boss Squad, that was totally possible. Wild House Circus, in collaboration with Point and Flex Circus, presented Boss Squad, an out of the box circus and physical theatre production. Staged in Gluttony at The Lark, an all-female driven venue, the performance was an hour-long high energy championing of women in circus and women in general.

With an outstanding nearly all-female musical soundtrack including Lorde’s Team, Amy Shark’s Spits on Girls, Lily Allen’s Fuck You, and Little Mix’s Shout Out to my Ex, among others, the ensemble amazed a highly enthused crowd with their physical and emotional strength.

Amid high flying acrobatics, impressive juggling, jaw-dropping skipping, sensational hula-hooping, and wild gymnastics, the cast, notably Flick the “brains behind the organisation” and the “quad in the squad,” took to the mic to chat to the crowd. These interludes allowed the troupe to have a small break and they brought a personable quality to the show. From “Fun Facts with Flick” to a tearfully raw confession regarding a recent anxiety diagnosis, these moments supported the overall flow of the performance. Although, their intent was likely to have gone over the heads of the younger crowd members.

The overall performance was meticulously planned, with each segment, including the interludes, relevant upon the next. That is except for the inclusion of the song Broken Leg by the all-male band Blue Juice in an otherwise all-female soundtrack. Despite being a great song, I did not see a connection to the “I am woman, hear me roar” theme. This was somewhat disjointing in an otherwise cohesive production.

Regardless of the meticulous planning, the execution was not entirely faultless. However, the minor errors did not detract from the performance. In fact, they further added to the affable quality of the show. Considering the setting sun was shining directly in the cast’s eyes for the duration of the performance, they did well in a challenging environment.

Boss Squad is a powerful demonstration of strength, femininity, confidence, and insane acrobatics. It is super fun and a surprisingly empowering hour of entertainment guaranteed to thrill audiences of all ages.

Adelaide Fringe Review By Anita Kertes

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