Andrew Silverwood: Tea @ The Squeaker At Gluttony, Rymill Park, Adelaide 16/3/2021

It’s Andrew Silverwood’s sixth Adelaide Fringe. Yes, that’s SIX and now that he’s spent the last year in Australia due to being stranded in Perth after the international borders closed from COVID. So, can we now claim him as an Aussie? Tea is Silverwood’s latest offering and for his first show of the season and being cheap Tuesday night, he didn’t skimp on quality sharp shooting gags and stories.

Lockdown and restriction during made this years Fringe artists very creative. Silverwood had plenty of time to come up with a show full of slams and dunks. His style of fast talking, spontaneous comebacks and self-deprecating humour is something Aussies can relate to and he does it with hilarious results. Again, as I’ve said before don’t come to an Andrew Silverwood show late. You will be the target of some quick-witted sledging. The talent of Silverwood is even when the show veers off track he knows how to steer it back to ridiculously funny.

In a one hour show he manages to fit in everything from his love of conspiracy theories, coping with living in Australia and all its idiosyncrasies, lockdown, life in Perth, drive-thru bottle-o’s, Aussie birds (those that fly and have wings kind not females), Boris Johnson, mining companies and so much more. Oh, there was audience participation so if you can think of your Z grade celebrity encounter have it ready to shout it out when he asks during the show!

From start to finish Tea is a fast and furious show delivered in Andrew Silverwood’s signature style. It’s the perfect late-night show where you can just bring in your drinks, sit down and have a big belly laugh. It’s Fringe at its cheekiest and its worth it to grab ya tix!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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