Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale – Bonkers! @ The Virago At Gluttony, Adelaide 24/2/2021

From the moment the red light (umm no its not that kind of a show) was flashing and the smoke machine was pumping out that hazy smoke to a heavy dance beat you could feel that something… Bonkers was going to happen! Out jumps a skinny bald guy with a smile so infectious you couldn’t help but smile too! Matt Hale is and I won’t be cheesy and say ‘Bonkers’ but he is a pocket rocket full of energy and fun. Its only fitting to have the Dizzee Rascal song Bonkers pumping out of the speakers to get the crowd ready for one fast paced hour of comedy, laughs, chair dancing, air guitars and oh yes, a bit of hypnosis.

This was my first time seeing a hypnotist and sure I had my scepticism tucked away conveniently in my jean pocket ready to pull out when I could see anything that would give away any fakeness. I must admit and very humbly that it’s for real and the results are hilarious. Everyone that got up on stage was a volunteer so for those of you scared of getting pulled up unexpectedly have no fear you can enjoy the show from your seat.

The only time this show is calm is the beginning of the hypnosis where the audience is asked to be quiet otherwise its go, go ,go, fast, funny and full-on! Hale gets his volunteers to drive a car, lift weights, have a boxing fight, play air guitars and strut the catwalk like a supermodel all with hilarious results. They were even taken on a roller-coaster ride and when you think of it this show is like a roller-coaster; it’s loud, it’s fast, it’s a wild ride and a laugh a minute scream!

Hale is charming, witty and entertaining. Bonkers is a high energy show which really exceeded all my expectations being a tonne of fun. The best part was seeing the volunteers after the show watching back the videos in shock of their antics. Get ya tix for this show and unlike me who had to review the show and needed to be in the audience put your hand up and volunteer for an hour of unexpected hilarity.

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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