Darwin comedian Amy Hetherington is planning to have kids. But she’s just realised all the adults in her life don’t know what they’re doing – they’re making it up as they go. And that’s ducking terrifying. Don’t Feed The Ducks is the new high-energy, oversharing show from the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Best Comedy act. Amy chats about fears, growing up in the 90s, the reasons dogs are better than people and why white wine is the greatest enabler. A perfect show for date night, hanging with the girls squad or for those parents who finally got a baby-sitter and a free night! She’s a contagious mix of optimism and cheekiness and has a stack of stories from weird, sweaty Darwin. Amy gives Hi Fi Way her best and worst advice given to her about parenting to a parent to be.

People have a lot of opinions.
Go on ask someone what they think about Sco Mo, or climate change or socks and sandals. But one area there are endless opinions – good and bad – is parenting.

Don’t Do It
Every time I do this show I ask people for advice about parenting and without doubt someone in the audience will yell out ‘Don’t Do It’. I’m not sure if this sits in the good or bad advice category yet… I’ll think about it

It’s ok, kids bounce
This is something Dad said once. He’s a handyman and made all of our childhood fun – which meant none of it met Australian safety standard. I’d just fallen ten metres from a cliff when the homemade flying fox he made collapsed. ‘It’s ok kids bounce’ was what he said to Mum to calm her down.

Drink more
Someone said this as advice in Alice Springs. Given my current passion for beer this probably isn’t the right bit of advice, but I do like the enthusiasm behind it.

Have rules about when they move out
I like this one! A lot of my audience have been empty nesters who actually seem happy. Although with the current cost of housing and insane economic stress on young people I don’t think this is gonna be as easy as changing the locks.

There’s plenty of crocodiles in Adelaide River
Probably the most foreboding piece of advice I received while on tour. This was suggested to me by a rather intimidating man in Katherine.

Interview By Rob Lyon

For show info and tickets to Amy Hetherington head to FringeTix.

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