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For ‘One Night Only’ Melbourne and Brisbane will have the unique experience of Synthony the blend of the biggest dance tracks of the past thirty years with a sixty piece orchestra. The line up is epic with Miss Connie (Sneaky Sound System), Ilan Kidron (The Potbelleez), Jenny B (Corona), Mobin Master, Andy Van (Madison Avenue / Vicious Records), Mark Dynamix and hosted by Mobin Master. Miss Connie is excited to perform at Synthony and she gave Hi Fi Way a heads up on what audiences can expect.

Synthony! What a great concept! Are you looking forward to performing with a sixty piece orchestra?
Of course! How good are dance music and orchestras? I can’t wait. Epic tunes, lasers, mega sound system… what’s not to love?

Have you performed with an orchestra before?
Yes once, with Pete Tong, and it was so impressive there’s no way I could pass up the opportunity to do it all again with Synthony.

After the year that we shall call 2020 (especially for Melbourne people) are you excited about being in front of a large crowd again?
What a year. It’s been dire for the music industry so honestly I’m looking forward to performing to any audience, Brisbane but especially a Melbourne audience that can dance, unlike the dancefloor shackles that Sydney is currently living under.

Any chance in giving a heads up on some of the songs you will be performing? Will there be a Sneaky Sound System song on the list?
There’ll be one Sneaky Sound System track and a classic treat. You’ll have to come along to find out what it is.

Electronic music has really transformed since the 80s, and it still has such a huge following. What do you think is the drawcard that it continues to flourish with each generation?
Probably the immediate sense of euphoria, the tribal rhythms, and that you’re transported to a kind of aural tropical destination. With dance music it’s good times all round, right?

Did 2020 give you the inspiration to be creative or was it a more reflective time for you?
Well it was both for me.  I was still inspired musically, but it was definitely more chilled and laid back. And just having more time on my hands meant I had time to be reflective. I suppose 2020 had both positive and negative aspects. And I definitely, literally, cleared out a few cupboards that’s for sure!

Do you have any new music in the works; solo or with Sneaky Sound System?
Sneaky will have new sounds out during the year, but before that I have a track out with Kim Moyes of The Presets. It’s called Ghost Town and is out February 26. Don’t miss it.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

All tickets are available through: www.synthony.com 

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