George Glass Does Art Attack

Remember Art Attack? Paint along to live music with drink in hand. Inspired by 90’s kids show sensation, Art Attack. Adelaide’s alternative funk band, George Glass invites you to join them on stage to paint to the music they play. How it works: There are no wrong answers as groups of people are invited on stage for one song to help create a giant collaborative art piece. Armed with a variety of colours and brushes all you need to do is have fun and get lost in the music. Don’t want to get up to paint? No problem, we simply will redraw another raffle ticket and invite someone else! But, we think, when you see how much fun it is, you might change your mind. George tells Hi Fi Way more about the show.

Is Fringe time the best time to be living in Adelaide?
Does Farmers Union Iced Coffee simultaneously make you happy and sick? Yes, undoubtedly so. Fringe is the best time to be in Adelaide. It embodies Adelaide. It’s weird and wonderful and it’s the time of year when we all come out to celebrate it.

What can you tell Fringe-goers about the show Art Attack?
Picture this: a band plays a set of funky, alternative rock music with onstage theatrics and elements of comedy while groups of audience members are invited on stage for one song to help paint a GIANT canvas. Never held a paint brush before? No problem. Armed with a variety of colours and brushes all they need to do is have fun and get lost in the music; there are no wrong answers. Sit back, enjoy live music, a glass of wine and help create a giant piece of art, it’s Art Attack.

Do you enjoy seeing people get lost in the music as they paint?
It’s a mix, some people come to the show a little hesitant to get on stage to paint. But once they see how low-pressure and how much fun it is, they change their minds. Some people get lost in the groove, painting swirls and lines, others get more lost in painting something specific on the canvas. But the art always looks incredible, fascinating and certainly one of a kind.

Have you been surprised by the standard of art pieces that people come up with?
Before we did our first show we thought that maybe it would have ended up looking like a giant brown sludge, but each one has looked like a fabulous mess of colour, shapes and images. The standard has been pretty great, I think people are a lot more naturally talented at painting than they think, especially when you are elaborating on something that someone else has done.

What have been some of the shockers that have made you laugh?
You’re always going to get genitals – dickpics, boobs, I mean it needs to represent the people and the people love to paint genitals and boobies. We did a show for New Years Eve and someone painted F*ck COVID at the start of the show. Usually things painted at the start get somewhat painted over, but this was untouched – probably pretty apt thing to write to see out 2020.

What do you hope people take away from the show?
The main thing is we want people to walk away happy and thoroughly entertained. We want people to have fun. Our message is simple: let’s enjoy ourselves for a night. We hope people walk away having enjoyed the funky music, laughed at the theatrics and watched (and maybe contributed) to a weird and fantastic piece of art.

What sorts of bands/artists does the band take inspiration from?
Our biggest inspiration is probably Ween; the quintessential alternative rock band. We take inspiration for our sound from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Pixies and take our love of theatrics from Tenacious D.

Post Fringe what’s next for George Glass?
After this we will be releasing a funkadelic album and taking Art Attack on a regional tour of South Australia. We had a string of tours cancelled in the U.S. due to Covid, so we made this show as a way for people to connect with music that isn’t dancing (damn you Covidddd). Art Attack has had such a good reception and we think it’d be a great show to take to regional centres. We want to collect canvas’ from each region and then have one final show at the end of the year where we display all of the Canvas’.

Out of curiosity did your show Scientology The Musical get a reaction from Scientologists?
We had threatening emails, loads of Facebook comments threatening litigation, we were filmed in the street in Melbourne while flyering, had banners stolen, and someone broke the toilet at our theatre in Edinburgh causing us to cancel two shows due to the amount of sewage that was flowing down the hallways! – Not sure if that one was Scientologists or just 700 year old plumbing. We had a plan to take it to the home of Scientology – The United States of America, where I’m sure we would have gotten quite a reception. Alas, Covid-19 intervened so that plan has been put on hold, but we’ll definitely do it when it’s viable!

Interview By Rob Lyon

George Glass Does Art Attack is on this Friday and Saturday (26 and 27 February) at Hillside Theatre (open-air) at Gluttony – Rymill Park. Tickets from FringeTix.

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