1000 Doors – Door Within A Door is the interactive maze created by Christian Wagstaff & Keith Courtney that has you opening door after door after door. The only rule is to close each door behind you. What you see behind each door is part mystery and part curiosity. Each room you enter has a story to tell and what that story is… well, that’s left up to your imagination.

Some doors had distinct aromas having you question the room smells and contents while others had sinister and ghostly like energy. Behind each door are rooms of different sizes filled with photos, phones, dust or mold and other fixtures or fittings designed to evoke memories, unusual visuals or nostalgic vibes. Opening a door can set in fear and trepidation where reactions or feelings can be heightened or in some cases not.

Having done a few claustrophobic sensory type interactive productions 1000 Doors wasn’t as mind blowing as I had expected. There were elements of curious expectation and while wondering through doors can be confusing yet fun, I somehow felt it was lacking a bit of intensity and suspense. Walking through during daylight may have a different effect and night time may be the best option to enhance this experience.

Fringe review by Anastasia Lambis

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