Stewart Reeve: Chameleon @ Ukiyo At Gluttony, Adelaide 23/2/2021

Stewart Reeve: Chameleon. Before I even get to the review for those that only read the first few lines; GET YA TIX to this show! Get them now! Ok, great now that we have got that out that way, I can explain why you need to get ya tix! From the first moment Reeve walked on to the stage in his very cool yellow three piece suite the vibe in the room was electric.

People may remember him from his hit show David Bowie tribute show Rebel but this time he has stripped bare for us to see an alternative side to this man of many talents. As Reeve says “It’s like a love letter to get to know him.” Chameleon is an hour of charismatic storytelling, cool hip swaying moves, fierce vocal theatrics, sound effect mimics at its finest and you can throw in some cheeky comical audience banter for good measure. It takes you from pop to musical theatre to supermarket scanning all rolled into one!

Reeve goes from David Bowie to Anthony Newley to Tina Turner back to Newley and Bowie to Anastacia to Macy Gray in what seems like one breathe. The vocal theatrics really are insane, and you wait in bated breathe to find out who he will do next.  The audience were in a spin when he mimicked Tones and I, and for me his Mick Hucknall impression simply blew me away. I closed my eyes and for a moment thought Hucknall was back in Adelaide!

One thing is clear, after 2020 with lockdowns, quarantine and all sorts of restrictions it is great that artists can cut loose and really let their hair down. Walking away and reflecting on this one it is very clear how much performers love being back and ow much they have missed live audiences. Chameleon shows off Reeve’s incredible talents. He’s versatile, spectacular and with a standing ovation from the audience, it’s easy to say its Reeve’s best Fringe show yet!

Review by Anastasia Lambis

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