Liam Gallagher, Holy Holy @ Bird In Hand Winery, Woodside SA 14/12/2019

Being a devout Oasis fan I was really looking forward to Liam Gallagher playing in Adelaid right from once it was announced. With two stellar solo albums As You Were and Why Me? Why Not? there was plenty to look forward to. It was an interesting choice to play a rock show at Bird In Hand Winery to be honest and there was a huge crowd to experience this “Biblical” event.

The headlines leading up to the Adelaide show was how the Melbourne show was cut show by the venue curfew and infamously “shutdown”. The host who opened proceedings said there’s no curfew up here and he could be up here for two or three days (hmm! not sure about that). It has been interesting reading the comments from fans, non-fans and the keyboard warriors who are happy to hang shit on this gig. Yep, the gig was short. Yep, the word is that he was sick. Yep, the production wasn’t perfect! But hot damn he played a killer hour of Oasis classics and some of his own.

Support band Holy Holy made the most of the sunlight and played a solid forty-five minute set. The are one of those bands I should have paid more attention to because they have some cracking tunes such as Maybe You Know, Faces and Sandra.

With the sun starting to fade Liam Gallagher made his way to the stage with his trademark swagger saying there wouldn’t be any poncing about with Fuckin’ In The Bushes getting straight in to it with Rock ‘n Roll Star. Solo crackers Halo and Shockwave were fantastic. Gallagher yelled out “that’s the shit I like man, all the other stuff is a waste of time.” I was hoping for a few more Liam Gallagher-isms but they were far and few between tonight.

Wall Of Glass sounded great but holy shit he did a job on the Oasis tunes. Morning Glory, Columbia and Stand By Me (dedicated to the firefighters) were superb. More please! Liam’s new album is up there as one of the year’s best and tracks Once, Why Me? Why Not and The River shows how much he has evolved as a songwriter, absolute gems.

Wonderwall was a show highlight and Liam thanked the crowd for finding their voices when he needed them. The remainder of the set was Oasis gold with my favourite song Acquiesce getting a touch up followed by Roll With It and Supersonic. The majority of the crowd were stunned when the show finished on Cigarettes & Alcohol thinking there would be an encore or some sort of goodbye. They waited and waited and as the stage crew started the process of dismantling the stage the reality sunk in that was it. Maybe Champagne Supernova might have been the tonic to appease the crowd. Who knows? Not Me! Nevertheless, it was one solid hour of Liam Gallagher then it was a dash to the car to beat the crowds out on to the freeway.