Simple Plan @ HQ Complex, Adelaide 12/12/2019

It has been another big year for Canadian rock band Simple Plan who wrapped up their touring commitments for 2019 in Adelaide. I don’t think the band themselves could of predicted such a massive show to finish the year off after touring so hard this year. HQ was packed! I have never seen HQ so jammed packed that no one could get in on ground level and standing room up stairs was three or four deep, quite incredible.

The atmosphere in room was really something. Electric! Upbeat! The band acknowledged this several times during their set and there’s no doubt that they could have played somewhere bigger and still sold out the joint. It was an air raid siren that whipped the crowd in to a frenzy as their heroes took to the stage opening with I’ll Do Anything. Lead singer Pierre Bouvier said to the sold out crowd “it’s the final show of the year don’t disappoint us”. It’s not like the crowd needed any further encouragement. The exxcitement continued with Jump followed by Jet Lag. Bouvier even said at this early juncture that “this is already my favourite gig of the year”.

Welcome To My Life and Your Love Is A Lie followed and then the set list took a different turn with Astronaut off Get Your Heart On! Boom! was for all the hardcore Simple Plan fans. Bouvier asked the faithful what was the first Simple Plan song they heard with all sorts of responses being yelled out. He went on to say that he was famous for saying dick a lot on the radio which served as an intro to Addicted.

It’s hard to believe that with a band so popular that it has been so long between tours. The intensity didn’t let up for one second and it was great to see the fans singing the words back to them. There were plenty more singles to come with Can’t Keep My Hands Off You, Summer Paradise and Crazy. Black beach balls were launched in to the crowd with the crowd trying to keep them in the air. Nice keepsake if anyone scored one. What’s New Scooby Doo prompted a pop quiz and the 2019 collaboration with State Champs and We The Kings titled Where I Belong was a ripper. Just before the last song I’m Just A Kid there was a photo moment on stage with all the super fans plus a sell out Adelaide crowd in the background.

Returning for an encore the remainder was loaded with fan favourites including the likes of Shut Up, Perfect World, Grow Up and Untitled. I’m not sure about the merits of including a solo acoustic version of Wonderwall but nevertheless the crowd loved it and sung it with gusto. Bouvier played Every Time acoustic with the band returning to finish on Perfect. The way the band spoke was that they had so much fun here that they would be back much sooner with a new album in hand. Definitely a great night for Simple Plan fans.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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