Laurie Black: Space Cadette @ The Bally in Gluttony, Adelaide 5/3/2019

Laurie Black is a Space Cadette and she comes in peace. As she proclaims “the world is going to shit and it’s our fault!” So Black has decided to runaway to live on the moon. Armed with original songs and a few covers done in the Laurie Black style of quirky cabaret and cheeky fun she tells us about her journey and the adventures she’s had dealing with aliens even an encounter with David Bowie along the way.

As a Space Cadette, Black is angry and on a mission. A one woman space mission. Only man has reached the moon and she was determined to be the first woman there. As she said “there may not be oxygen on the moon but there’s plenty of oestrogen!”

A space oddity stamped with the Laurie Black flair this show is pretty much out of this world! There’s a very unique version of Radiohead’s Creep that involves an air ukulele and a very pretty moon ball. As in all her shows the audience are encouraged to participate and on this night there was no need for too much encouragement. It was a lively bunch which added to the charm of the performance.

This is a show were Black questions the human race, sings lots of quirky space songs and gives some food for thought about us humans and what we are doing to this world. Space Cadette has shown her to be a lot more bold and brash as a performer and she’s found her groove with being a green moon babe. While it might’ve seemed fun to be on the moon the question is; Is it really? The grass isn’t always greener on the other side! See Space Cadette and find out!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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