FLAWED____like a b_y @ Masonic Lodge Owl Room, Adelaide 6/3/2019

Just when you think you can’t be blown away with a Fringe show after seeing so many, along comes FLAWED___like a b_y which is anything but flawed. This is a moving story of one man’s life struggle of growing up with “how to be a gay boy in a straight boy world”. The realisation of how society subconsciously plants the seeds of traditional hetro-normal values and how it affects children in particular those struggling with their own identity or sexuality.

No Offence Theatre’s Bj McNeill has created a show that tells his story of growing up in suburban Sydney Australia where being gay was not an option his parents where going to accept. Being told at the tender age of 8 that “young boys don’t describe other young boys as handsome” caused him to internalise his feelings having a major impact on his young impressionable mind. Conforming was his way of avoiding conflict or dealing with issues that would eventually rear its ugly head later in adult life.

With a mix of spoken word, dance and catchy dance songs from favourite queer artists like Lady Gaga, Spice Girls and Britney Spears to name a few this show will have you spellbound. McNeill shares his story with a powerful dark intensity that while it can be confronting it is also delivered with sensitivity. You find yourself reflecting and internalising your own behaviours and values.

How do you walk like a boy? How do you talk like a boy? How do you fight like a boy? How do you fuck like a boy? Watching FLAWED___like a b_y makes you reassess these and many “flawed” ideals of how we should handle children with care. When you see, hear and feel the pain someone goes through growing up because of what they are told is the “right” way to be as a boy or girl, yet that goes against how they feel inside, you realise how damaging that can be to a young and impressionable soul.

A compelling story told through a powerful performance by Bj McNeill,
Rebecca Montalti and Jye Tschappeller. Definitely a must see show at this year’s Fringe.

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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