Alcohol Is Good For You Too @ Producers Garden at the Producers, Adelaide 9/3/2018

Alcohol Is Good For You Too is a show by Adelaide-born Sam Kissajukian about the perils and hilarity of excess alcohol consumption as he shares anecdotes from his life under the influence and other random musings.

The setting was interesting with the garden of the Producers hotel furnished with a variety of vintage chairs and sofas creating a homely feel like you were at a friend’s house having a night in at a friend’s house, sitting around drinking and sharing stories.
Kissajukian has returned to Adelaide for the Fringe to explore topics from having your mother write your name in your underwear, to educating the audience on experimental drug experiences at music festivals

There were moments of comedy when Kissajukian discusses the hilarity of sausage dogs, and the evolution of the wolf to sausage dog.

Unfortunately for Kissajukian, the audience didn’t react to many of Kissajukian’s stories and most were unrelatable for the audience to find humour. This show would be better if Sam came out better prepared and had some structure and flow. Instead it felt like he came on stage with no plan allowing himself to improvise and go down rabbit holes from audience comments without it going anywhere and losing the audience interest in the meantime.

Some audience members confessed to only coming to the show after being spruiked that there would be free alcohol on offer. Sam confessed he was sober on the night as part of his coping with a recent relationship break-up. This show missed the mark and I am hopeful that the night I saw the show was an off night and one off with lack of humour. My suggestion is for audience to take in at least two drinks just in case alcohol is required to find humour in this show.

Two Stars

Fringe Review by Ilona Schultz

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