Elixir @ The Octagon at Gluttony, Adelaide 10/3/2018

Wow, this is not your average circus or acrobatic show. This is a show that takes circus sexy to a whole new level – with quite a bit of eye-candy thrown in as well. Elixir is the story of three acrobatic scientists (I’ve never met such flexible scientists before!) who are testing out various concoctions to attempt to create that all elusive elixir of life. Each test tube yields an abundance of energy and life force and if you allow yourself to revel in their hi-jinx, let these boys take you on a hilarious and lewd journey as you accompany them on their hare-brained mission.

There was a breath-taking ladder feat, an astounding Cyr wheel performance, trapeze artistry and general mayhem and comedic tomfoolery. The Cyr wheel performance was the best I’ve seen and I feel even more privileged to have stolen a hug from this guy before the show!

Where the show could have been stronger was in the execution of comedy between feats. Yes, it’s great they had a narrative and a thematic link between the stunts. Yes, these guys know how to interact and have the audience eating out of their hands. But the staging itself could have been a bit better. No microphones on the three guys meant that a lot of the slapstick comments were missed by all but the first couple of rows in the audience. Having only a minimal rise of seat rows in the The Octagon meant that a lot of the floor work (and there was quite a bit) was unable to be seen by most audience members.

Get in early to line up for the best seats, leave the kids at home unless lewdness and the occasional F word don’t bother them, and enjoy the shirtless action and physical prowess of these wonderful male specimens.

Four and A Half Stars

Fringe Review by Kim Burley

For more info and tickets on Elixir head to https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/elixir-af2018

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