Card Ninja @ Studio at The GC, Adelaide 6/3/2018

From a young age where he witnessed a lone ninja late one night on television, all Javier Jarquin wanted to be was, unsurprisingly, a ninja! Reality can get in the way of all of our dreams though… that and most of the Ninja’s arsenal is illegal. Cards however, totally legal and you can even buy them on a plane! The perfect weapon for the modern Ninja.

A New Zealand native, we were lucky enough to witness Javier’s first foray on to Australian shores with this award-winning show, as he took us on a journey through the trials of becoming a modern day Card Ninja.

From the start, the crowd were completely immersed in our hero’s world and totally engaged, as we participated in various aspects of his quest to journey from mild mannered card player to silent assassin. Javier managed to build up a fast and fun rapport with the audience in attendance, particularly those he interacted with one on one as part of the show, never once however taking anyone too far out of their comfort zone.

Card Ninja is a ridiculously fun and completely immersive show, perfect for anyone looking for something a little extra special at this year’s fringe. Adults and kids alike will have a blast, so don’t miss out on this mind-blowing show.

Oh, and make sure you have your phones charged and some epic ninja tunes at the ready….


Five Stars

Fringe Review by Peter Lanyon

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