James Donald Forbes McCann @ Rhino On Raj, Adelaide 6/3/2018

Home-grown talent James McCann can certainly tell a funny story – whether there’s truth in it or not doesn’t really matter. He’s the type of lovable larrikan you wouldn’t mind spending a lazy Sunday arvo in a pub having a beer or three with.  He’d keep you laughing with tales of his struggles working in a contact centre, meeting other comedians and trying to become a Roman Catholic.  James’ banter with the audience and Daisy, our lighting person was funny and quick-witted – he recounted stories of everyday life which were self-deprecating, witty and funny.  Some of the tales faded into oblivion, with no obvious punch line or great hilarity, but I think as he feels more comfortable in his own skin in this show, it will get better and more engaging.

The songs accompanied by a small keyboard lost a little in oomph and timing (more practice of the chords might help) but the stand-up comedy was the most engaging out of this whole routine.

Given tonight was the world premiere, I’m sure in a week’s time, the show will be completely different and better rehearsed. One of the issues with tonight’s performance was that the previous show had gone over time, meaning ours started 15 minutes late.  James seemed very concerned that his show wouldn’t go over time, inconveniencing the next show (which is a very Catholic sentiment to hold) so only held our audience captive for 50 minutes, and he could have finished on more of a bang.

Polishing his performance with time, asking the establishment to set up some air-conditioning or air-circulation so he’s not feeling so uncomfortably hot and having a bit more confidence in his own comedic timing, will see this guy be the talent I know he can be.   Overall, a funny guy worth giving a go if you like wit which is (as he says) “super offensive and super conservative at the same time”.

Three & A Half Stars

Fringe Review by Kim Burley

For more info and tickets to James Donald Forbes McCann https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/james-donald-forbes-mccann-mccann-dle-in-the-wind-af2018

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