Comedians Against Humanity @ La Petite Grande At Gluttony, Adelaide 24/2/2018

This show is inspired by the popular rise of the game Cards Against Humanity. Hosted by Yianna Agisilaou, two guest comedians up on stage to test their improvisational skills for an hour, where the topics are guided by whatever the cards say. For those who have never played Cards Against Humanity before, this show may seem a little random, and more than likely highly offensive if no background context is provided for understanding.

Held in the deceptively spacious La Petite Grande tent in Gluttony, the show comprises of a series of short games involving either one or both guest comedians, where they are required to discuss whatever topic is on the card.

Topics can be controversial, and as expected, inevitably end up pushing boundaries of social and political correctness. As the host, Agisilaou clearly stated at one point, “Just because you laugh, doesn’t mean you agree”.

There is an opportunity for audience participation as upon entering the venue, each audience member was provided three cards. At appropriate times during the show – you may provide your selected card as a possible answer for improv.

The imrpov for the most part had the audience in fits of laughter, however at times became bland as the comedians struggled to come up with witty and entertaining material. They did manage to provide some witty one-liners and entertaining acting for some questionable topics to discuss. Making content locally relevant definitely made the jokes resonate well with the audience. Host Agisilaou managed the improv games well by either adding in another card to provide material, or wrapping up the game so momentum of hilarity continued.

The success of this show is obviously dependent upon variables of the guest comedians on the night, together with the random cards provided. Nothing is scripted, so anything could happen.

Come to this show with an open mind, no political correctness and a readiness to laugh out loud.

Four Stars

Fringe Review by Ilona Schultz

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