Bubble Show For Adults Only @ Parasol Lounge At Gluttony, Adelaide 24/2/2018

Taking a child’s activity of bubbles and combining with theatrics, clowning, cleverly timed humour and sexual themes – you will never look at bubbles the same.
I entered the tent just before the show started and it was filled with a socially lubricated crowd, at the 11.10pm start time, ready to be entertained and wowed.

The two performers, Kurt Murray and Iulia Benze, worked physically hard for a solid hour of entertainment. They display creativity and imagination with their use of bubbles. The theatrics and clowning give the show the humour needed, and a cheeky twist to create debauchery within an otherwise innocent concept.

I never knew there were so many ways of creating bubbles, different types of bubbles. Smoke filled bubbles, flaming bubbles, bubbles that run up your thigh and explode! There is minimal talking throughout the show, majority of the time relying on mime skills and strong character theatrics. Their ability to get the audience involved was welcomed through clapping as encouragement and at one point the entire audience kissing!

I must admit I did get a bit lost through one section of the show where it got a bit dark and gloomy. But like a good Shakespearean play, there were conveniently timed comic relief moments. If this section of the show was more easily understood, and relevant, to the sections before and after, this would be a 5 star show.

You will watch Bubble Show for Adults Only with an open-mouth in wonder, applaud loudly in appreciation at the bubble creations, and you will walk out of the show with a smile on your face.

As kids – who doesn’t love bubbles and this show takes it next level using bubbles in a way never seen before. Like the title suggests however – this is definitely a show for adults only!

Four and A Half Stars

Fringe Review by Ilona Schultz

For more info and tickets on the Bubble Show for Adults Only head to https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/bubble-show-for-adults-only-af2018

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