B-Movie Bash With Macabra @ Warehouse at The Producers, Adelaide 26/2/2017

Set in the eerie back room of Producers Hotel, complete with candles and ghostly props, the gothic ghoul seductress, Macabra develops the scene with a prologue piece about the undead. This prose sets the tone for an evening of dark horror, and hopefully equally dark humour. Why do B-Grade horror movies still entertain even when they do not evoke goose-bumps, send chills up your spine and make you jump? Do you ever yell at the screen in angst even when the characters can’t hear you?

There is humour in others’ misfortunes and this is no exception with the movie failures from yesteryear. Tonight’s B-grade horror film failure was “The Invisible Ghost” starring Bela Lugosi, previously famous for portraying Count Dracula in the 1931 hit film. A panel of two comedians (that will also vary through the Fringe) join Macabra on stage to provide commentary while the movie plays out.

This has a relaxed informal feel similar to sitting on the couch at home watching a DVD with the Director’s comments turned on mixed with a live show of Goggle Box. The panel inject their observations and commentary (read: bash) which turn an otherwise film flop into an entertaining experience. Macabra knew her stuff about the movie and its history while the comedians did let loose, but tonight fell a little short of where it could have gone. Movies and comedians will vary and this will drive the performance. If you are a buff of this movie genre, you will certainly be entertained by this unique show.

Review by Ilona Schultz

B-Movie Bash Hosted by Macabra runs from the 16 February through to the 12 March (except Mondays) at the Warehouse at the Producers (235 Grenfell Street, Adelaide). Tickets from Fringe Tix.


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