The McClymonts are in for a massive 2017. Their new album Endless chart at number three on the ARIA Charts and the upward trajectory for this band will continue for quite some time yet. HI Fi Way:The Pop Chronicles had the chance for a quick chat with Brooke McClymont as she waited for her flight to Tasmania for the Endless tour.

Congratulations, the upwards trajectory for The McClymonts continues. Do you feel like pinching yourself given how well everything is going right now?
Totally! For us you never know if it will ever continue. It is really lovely to know that people out there want to hear our music and come to our shows. We’re stoked, we’re totally pinching ourselves thinking far out we’re lucky.

Charting at number three with Endless do you feel the pressure to go number one on the next record?
I didn’t expect it to go that high to be honest. Country music is very rare particularly Australian country artists make it in to the mainstream. So, a number three we were very shocked, nervous and stoked with that. Hey, you know what? I wouldn’t say no to a number one but wouldn’t expect it either.

Do you think that perception of Australian country music is starting to change now and people are giving it the attention it deserves?
I think so! The likes of Keith Urban, Taylor Swift and Kasey Chambers who crossed over, I don’t whether they intended to but it happened, they have really shone a light on our industry and genre of music. I kind of go awesome, I think that a lot of people who do listen to music, it is so subjective isn’t it of what music is and there is no winner or loser on anything when it comes to music. I think people are becoming more accepting to it and going wow I might not necessarily gone out and bought that but now I’m listening to it on the radio with the likes of mainstream radio playing it is becoming accepted which is fabulous.

Do you think it is like winning the lottery in a lot of ways when it comes to albums and singles particularly what you think will work doesn’t and vice versa?
I think so, it is anyone’s game these days with social media and YouTube. Everyone has access right there in front of them all of the time. It really has changed a lot with people in terms of how it happens. I look at it to that I have won the lotto with music and there is a lot of luck involved. What you think might be awesome doesn’t go well and as soon as you go no one will connect with that it, it connects with people and goes huge. I guess it is a matter of keeping at it and see what happens. Anything from here now is a bonus for us, we’re stoked and to be in this business for eleven years has been our number one job. We love it and we don’t really call it a job, we’re bloody lucky!

It must be like being on holiday all year round?
It is fun, every part of our job is fun but it is tiring like being at the airport really since early this morning. We get to hang out, laugh a lot, talk music and about the upcoming show… we don’t take what we do for granted at all.

Do you find the whole social media thing a mine field to navigate and everyone seems to have an opinion on everything all of the time? Do some things make you laugh as well?
I don’t really read any of it, if I see a negative comment I would usually just scroll past it. My view is that I just don’t need to read it or need it to affect me. I think the interesting part of what is happening particularly when it started coming out was like what is this social media? Do we really need it? I think it is part of everyone’s business and is just the way the world is going and you either leave it behind or jump on board and go with it. For us it is a great way to get our music out there, to connect with people and get people to hear our music. Everyone is going to have an opinion, I think that is the way everyone is but we don’t really buy in to it to be honest and would rather keep our pages as positive as we can.

What shines through on the album is energy and the sense of fun in making those songs. Was that how it panned out or did you go through the usual dramas of making an album?
We never have dramas when it comes to writing and recording the album. That is one part of the process we all actually agree on ninety five percent of the time. From what you hear on the album is exactly how the energy was. It was uplifting and we were in a good headspace, it was done really well and we loved our producer. We loved all the songs we wrote for this album and I think we selected eleven of the best tracks we have come with in the last twelve months. We’re really proud it!

Do you all sit in a room a just jam something out or do you need your own space to be able to write and get those ideas down?
Yeah, I can come up with an idea and take it to Molly and Sam or we all sit there and start an idea together. The great thing is we’re basically in each other’s pockets all the time when we are touring so we know what thoughts we can sing about. There’s no hiding, no secrets in our family and everyone knows everything. We don’t get any alone time really, only when you’re asleep. I feel like we’ve got this sense that we know how each other works and what buttons to press.

So what about that other five percent of the time?
We’re older now and gosh we’re early and late thirties now! We don’t fight and being at it for this long we know how we work together. If it was a horrible situation that were fighting all the time we wouldn’t be in this business for eleven years and lasted. We get a long all of the time, well the majority any way. It is work for us and we love it.

Has much thought been given to the next album?
It is a bit early as we have only just recorded this one and we are on this massive Endless tour and it feels like that because dates keep getting added. We’re touring right up to July and then there are more dates being added for September, October and November. We are very busy girls which is keeping us out of trouble 2017. We’re basically on the road going up to see all the fans so hopefully they come to a show. Adelaide! Oh my god! We’re excited as we have never played the Adelaide Fringe and we are so excited. Playing the Spiegeltent will be fabulous. I know we don’t get there much but I hope the fans come along.

Interview by Rob Lyon

The McClymonts play the Magic Mirror Spiegeltent at the Garden Of Unearthly Delights on Friday March 3. Tickets from Fringe-Tix.

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