#firstworldwhitegirls: Botox Party! @ Parlour, Royal Croquet Club, Adelaide 26/2/2017

Let me start by saying if you are sensitive, get easily offended and live a strictly politically correct life – then this is not the show for you. If however you are not, you will find this hilariously inappropriate.

Tiffany and Madison, both self-confessed trust-fund princesses, host a cabaret style Botox Party. After starting off a little slow and with early jokes missing the mark, the duo settled comfortably into their routine. These girls do have vocal talent, never straining to hit notes, unless timed for comedic effect. Some of the material is edgy and could offend, but the intent of the humour as that it is delivered from the perspective of naïve over privileged white girls. Think Botox, miniature dogs in hand bags and Kim Kardashian fans mixed with Ja’mie from Summer Heights High.

Both characters, Tiffany and Madison, deliver entertaining original vocals set to familiar modern pop tunes. A highlight is the number incorporating many recent pop tunes sung line after line, reminiscent of the Axis of Awesome’s Three Chords tune.

The act could have been uncomfortable, but the cast do well to relax the crowd. The interactions with the audience including a sharing time of first world problems were particularly funny as troubles were shared and worked through in a safe zone.

Take a bottle of your best imported water with you and leave all your first world problems behind. Use it as a light prelude to your later show. Tiffany and Madison are hosting their cabaret style botox party at the Parlour in the Royal Croquet Club until 5 March 2017. Tickets at Fringe-Tix.

Review by Ilona Schultz


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