Double Feature – The Rocky Horror Tribute Show @ Venue 63, Adelaide 25/2/2017

Double Feature’s Rocky Horror Tribute provides a perfect show for the fringe, great songs, dancing, dark humour and a LOT of audience participation, thanks to the very “hands on” cast.  Venue 63 also lends itself well in enhancing the atmosphere for a Rocky Horror tribute… off kilter and off the beaten path, much like Frank N Furter’s castle.

Audience members were treated to care packages in readiness of the night ahead, newspaper, party whistles, flowers, feathers and lollipops for all.  As expected, the crowd were encouraged to get involved and that’s exactly what the capacity crowd did, with Brad and Janet receiving the usual crowd responses, along with a whole lot of other call outs, familiar only to the hardcore fans.

Featuring snippets of the cult classic, interspersed with live renditions of the songs, the show was really brought to life by the cast, who fully immerse themselves in character, taking on not only their costumes, but also embodying their personalities to pay tribute. The cast made great use of the stage and mingled with the crowd in attendance, bringing the audience along for the ride and ensuring they were more than a small part of the show.

There were rousing renditions of soundtrack staples including Science Fiction / Double Feature, Time Warp, Hot Patootie and I’m Going Home.  Some songs just transcended the others, unsurprisingly Rose Tint My World and the classic Sweet Transvestite were highlights, all but stealing the show.  That is until a very energetic rendition of Science Fiction / Double Feature during the final encore.


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