Straight Outta Compo @ The Arkaba, Adelaide 23/2/2017

In the time of Pauline Hanson’s second coming it was good to be out in the multi cultural melting pot that made up the audience at the Arkaba for Straight Outta Compo. Creatively inspired by its music namesake Straight Outta Crompton the ‘Greek Boys’ didn’t hold back in their opening presentation video taking aim right at Pauline Hanson’s comeback.

Lead by the iconic George Kapiniaris the Straight Outta Compo crew consisting of Rob Shehadi, Tahir (from Meet The Habibs and Fat Pizza) and award winning producer himself Joe Avati delivered a show doing what they do best with their unique take on ethnic humour in ninety minutes full of comedy sketches, video and musical presentations.

Interestingly, the show was also able to weave in short skits from classic cult movies such as Star Wars, Matrix and Phonebooth. The four comedians had cleverly superimposed themselves into scenes.

Whilst there were laughs a plenty the truly side splitting moments just seemed a bit too few for me. There were plenty of cultural references about growing up in an ethnic household and whilst the individual stand-up routines we’re entertaining I was expecting a bit more from some of the country’s top comedians.

Plenty of jokes were made at the expense of the different ethnic backgrounds of both the cast and the audience in a way that only these guys could pull off. Having said all of that overall there were enough laughs to keep the night fun and entertaining.

Review by Darryn Thompson

Straight Outta Compo is on March 3 and 4 and Woodville Town Hall, Woodville South. Tickets from Fringe Tix.


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