Amy Hetherington Is… “Terminally Positive”

After a sell out season at Darwin Festival, Northern Territory comedian Amy Hetherington is bringing her uniquely Territorian and distinctly optimistic debut show Terminally Positive to the Adelaide Fringe.

Amy Hetherington started comedy in 2012 when she moved to Darwin from WA. Since then she has been a national finalist in the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival RAW Comedy Competition and has supported comedy legends including Glenn Robbins, Fiona O’Loughlin, Jimeon, Greg Fleet, Dave O’Neil and Steve O (MTV Jackass). Her energetic and positive comedy style is well known in the Northern Territory and now it’s time for the rest of Australia to enjoy.

Unlike many modern-day comedy shows ‘Terminally Positive’ is optimistic, joyful and free from cynicism. The show is a light-hearted and energetic reflection on life. In ‘Terminally Positive’ Amy observes the world through a bizarre lens, sharing her observations with honesty, quick wit and a contagious mix of energetic happiness and cheekiness. The show highlights the joys of life in the Northern Territory, the dangers of a Dad with too much optimism and how terminal positivity helped Amy through the world’s most awkward wetsuit adventure. Amy is also a fan of audience banter, but heed this warning: if you feel like heckling, Amy has been described as a ‘sabre-toothed Care Bear’.

“Terminally Positive is a bit different to a lot of comedy shows out there. It’s optimistic, it looks on the bright side… I guess it’s a bit like me,” said Hetherington. “I think living in the Northern Territory has provided me with an endless stream of comedy material and strange stories to share. It hasn’t held me back, but there are definitely challenges in being so isolated from the main comedy scenes in Australia. I’m really excited to share this show after selling out at Darwin Festival. It’s interactive, terminally positive – and contagious.”

Amy Hetherington’s Terminally Positive runs from 21-26 February at 7.00pm at Producer’s Bar (235 Grenfell Street, Adelaide). Tickets from Fringe Tix.


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