Sammy J “Hero Complex”

Sammy J hardly needs an introduction but he is returning to the Adelaide Fringe with a new show “Hero Complex”. The show is based on the premise of borrowing some Phantom comics which triggered a chain of events. Curious? Read are Q&A with Sammy J.

What can you tell us about your show “Hero Complex”?
It’s a bizarre but true story that starts with me borrowing some Phantom comics from my school gardener in 1996 and ends with a federal policeman searching my attic twenty years later. Sorry to give away the ending. But as they say, it’s more about the journey than the destination.

What’s your favourite Phantom comic and why?
I have a very rare edition called The Phantom Enrols and Votes which was commissioned by the Australian Government to encourage people to get on the electoral roll. Which sounds like a joke but is entirely true.

No Randy this time?
There’s already too much purple in this show as it is.

What is it like performing without him?
Randy and I actually met each other when we were both doing solo shows, so to us performing on our own is quite normal, but we’re aware the audiences have mainly seen us as duo, so it’s definitely a different vibe. This show in particular is the most personal one I’ve done, so it’s enjoyable being able to talk about my own life away from the character of Sammy J. Even though I’m still Sammy J. To date there are approximately 7 different versions of Sammy J floating around, including the one who talks about himself in third person during interviews.

When I say Adelaide, what comes to mind?
Heatwaves. Floods. Metal pigs. Lovely crowds. Temporary fencing. Angry car racing people. Crepes. Jaywalking. Creative freedom. Farmers Union. Serenity. NB: Serenity excludes North Terrace after dark.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Sammy J’s “Hero Complex”runs from the 17 February to 5 March (except 20 February) at Studio 7 at The Garden Of Unearthly Delights. Tickets from Fringe Tix.

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