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Things Of Stone & Wood are an awesome band and it doesn’t where they play or who to they bring such energy and admiration of their performance. This upcoming tour is all about the classic album The Yearning which will be played in full. Things Of Stone & Wood are heading to Adelaide as part of the Fringe Festival and the legendary Greg Arnold whizzes through a quick Q&A for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

It is exciting that Things Of Stone & Wood are playing one big show at the Adelaide Festival Fringe. Are you pumped?
Really love the Fringe, it was our first ever show in Adelaide back in 92, a massive drive and then we started playing at about three in the morning after a jazz fusion freak out band and people stayed the distance with us. It was a great and bizarre start to playing in Adelaide.

Did you ever think at some point you would be playing The Yearning in full, start to end in a live show?
Not really. The plan has come about over a period of time since we started playing again together in 2014. For us, that album represents such a beautiful time in our lives, artistically and personally.

Does playing those songs bring back a lot of good memories?
Yes, it’s overwhelming, particularly when I see those guys with big smiles on their dials and hearing those massive harmonies.

What was your biggest moment and proudest achievement from 1993?
The whole year really. The tours with the Oils, Tiddas and Club Hoy were great fun. The honour of receiving the APRA Songwriter of the Year was beyond thrilling, but ultimately being in this band at that moment was the biggest and proudest musical achievement. I just felt we were playing really great, exciting shows night after night.

Do you ever get sick of playing Happy Birthday Helen?
Never have got sick of it. Never will get sick of it.

Does Helen still love the track even now?
Absolutely, it’s been an amazing part of our life.

Do you go a bit gushy when you see the reaction of fans singing the songs back to you?
I love it yes …very gushy, but also slightly intimidated as I really have to make sure I get the lyrics right.

What’s your favourite tour story from Adelaide?
The people at the Sony office were always so supportive in Adelaide and I remember we used to sleep on the floor and under desks in the early days. It was always an eerie sleep – waking up in the middle of the night surrounded by looming half lit giant cardboard cut outs of Billy Joel and Michael Bolton … slightly disturbing actually.

Do you think Things Of Stone & Wood will release new music?
Why not? I reckon we’ve got a few more records in us before we shuffle off.

What’s the future for Things Of Stone & Wood beyond this tour?
A few more records before we shuffle off.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch Things Of Stone & Wood on The Yearning tour

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