Peter “Blackie” Black

If Peter Black isn’t doing his thing with The Hard Ons or Nunchukka Superfly he is going it solo. Last year Peter took on the ultimate challenge of writing and recording  a song everyday for a year. He conquered that and now the focus is on this upcoming tour with Forest Pooky this February.

Is 2017 going to be a little less about extremes such writing and recording a new song every day for a year or playing 49 shows in 7 weeks?
Well, nothing will be as extreme as writing and recording a song a day!!! But I cant switch it off so I guess I’ll go back to being half frustrated and make records and such the normal way. Mind you, I am happy in one way to spend more time with material especially the lyrics and in terms of playing shows… I hope so! The more the merrier.

Were there times when you felt up against it coming up with a song every day?
No, I thought I would but I never had a shortage of ideas musically. I feel very lucky and for want of a better word, blessed to have this gift.

Do you have some new challenges in mind for this year?
First one is to become a better singer! Man, that’s a tough one. I’m not gifted in that department that’s for sure and I might try maybe one or two more bands. And… I still need to learn to compose on computers more as well. Loads actually, you can never stop learning/trying stuff..

What do you think you’ll do?
I guess the above answered this question maybe? It’s no good thinking what you will do because Australia is a shit country to be a musician in. I would start all this stuff tomorrow but the general apathy on arts on the whole, it’s more a question of “how” can I afford to make this happen.

How was the tour of Europe? Any plans to go back? What made it so good?
That was absolutely fantastic! To play so many shows night after night was a treat in itself and Forest is a wonderful touring buddy! And yes.. I’m very lucky to have my “foot in the door” so I’ll definitely be back some time this year.

What’s in store for fans on your Australian tour?
I guess besides a few tracks from my last album, I’ll be playing as many songs from S.A.D as I can (re)learn, solo mode for me is just guitar and voice.

Is it getting to be a tough challenge working out what you’re going to play each night having so many songs just from last year alone?
No, not really… you kinda always have a particular batch of faves of/at the moment,  hopefully that comes across and people can dig the “enthusiasm”.

Do you write songs specifically for your solo albums or Hard Ons or Nunchukka Superfly or does it just happen?
It just happens… after an idea starts to take shape it lets ya know where it should go.

How would you describe Forest Pooky and how do you think he’ll go down on this tour?
I hate the term folk punk but it’s as close as I can get to describing Forest but unlike most of the music that falls in that category his stuff is great! A great sense of melody and song craft plus a killer voice! When he asked me to tour I looked him up thinking “Oh man, I gotta hear this guy for two months straight” and when I did it was “Oh wow, he’s tops! The tour’s gonna be gas”.

Do you play any duets or perform any special covers?
Forest does the odd cover but I never do, and no, no duets! Don’t have the time or place for that kinda rehearsal. His voice is huge, I couldn’t keep up with him!

How was making the mini album with him?
Heaps of fun, any excuse to record! I wish I spent more time on it but only had one afternoon to do my share of the tracks.

Beyond this tour what’s in store for Peter “Blackie” Black? More Hard Ons? More Nunchukka Superfly? More Everything?
More everything!

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch Peter Black and Forest Pooky this February…


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