Bradley Storer’s “Trickster”

Trickster: Bradley Storer beckons us into the darkest corners of our own existence.

Take a dash of darkness, add a dollop of Weimar, drop in a sliver of Brecht and stir through with a morsel of post-modernism, before setting fire to the whole poisonous concoction and throwing it against the wall – the resulting mess would look frighteningly similar to Trickster.

This is the show that asks: if we’re all heading for doomsday, why not at least go out tap-dancing atop our own graves? The diabolical delight that has critics raving, performer Bradley Storer, dubbed ‘the dark princeling of Melbourne cabaret’, brings his malevolent monstrosity Trickster to La Boheme in his Adelaide Fringe debut!

Trickster is a dark-indie cabaret that explores the insanities and hilarities of modern human existence, tipping over convention to expose its grimy underbelly with hilarious and horrifying results. Bradley brings his signature twisted charm to the works of artists such as Kurt Weill, the Dresden Dolls, Nick Cave, Kate Bush and many more, as he paints a joyously misanthropic portrait of the world in which we live.

Faced with the chaos of the modern world, one must either laugh or go mad. In Trickster, Bradley commands us to do both!

Trickster runs from the 16-19 February at 10.15pm at La Boheme (36 Grote Street, Adelaide). Tickets from Fringe Tix.



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