Neel Kolhatkar “#ObjectifyNeel”

Neel Kolhatkar is bring his #ObjectifyNeel to the Adelaide Fringe Festival for two nights only. Neel has sold out shows all around the world gaining rave reviews everywhere and with over a million social media followers Neel Kolhatkar is a comedian to see this Fringe. Neel does a quick Q&A with Hi Fi Way:The Pop Chronicles for his show here.

Interesting concept for your show, what can you tell people about the show and why they should go?
Well from the title you can probably gauge the show deal with certain themes of race and sex (who’d have thought right!) The whole show is an examination of all sorts of relevant topics and my personal take on them. It’s fun for everyone but is especially targeted to people in their teens and twenties.

Building up a massive social media following do you see internet comedy as part of this new wave of comedy?
100% yes. Social media is a way to reach your audience directly, there is also no need to appease advertisers or the mainstream, you can be edgy, truthful and be the comedian you want to be. All the best comedy today is coming from the internet and streaming services.

What has been your most embarrassing moment on stage?
When I was 15 I performed at a talent show following a 4 year old playing a flute. The audience were primarily made up of elderly people from a church next door and for the longest five minutes of my life I was met with dead silence and a chorus of groans.

Is it a comedian’s curse where people expect you to be funny all the time even when you are not on stage?
Yes! 100% yes, being funny in a social situation is very different to being funny on stage and I am only good at one of those.

How do you think the Adelaide Fringe stacks up to some of the other comedy festivals around the world?
The Fringe is great, this is my 4th time coming down and it’s great how the whole city transforms for it. It is the second biggest fringe festival in the world and it shows.

Are Aussies too sensitive and don’t understand comedy, ie getting angry easily at jokes?
Most do not, there are always a minority who do, like in every country. I would say Aussies are quite good on this front, relaxed, easy-going people that understand when a joke is a joke and are willing to laugh at boundary-pushing material.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Neel Kolhatkar plays The Top of the Arkaba Hotel from 17-18 March (150 Glen Osmond Road, Fullarton). Tickets at Fringe Tix.

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