Alice Fraser “Empire”

Alice Fraser is bringing Empire to the Adelaide Fringe Festival after touring the world with her two previous shows Savage and The Resistance. Empire promises to be a ripper and Alice gives HI Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles an insight to the show.

What is your show Empire about? 
Power, Disney villains and a banjo.

What are you hoping the audience takes away once they have seen Empire?
A belly full of laughs, a heart full of emotion, all my expensive merch and the desire to tell all their friends to come see the show. I don’t have merch. I don’t know. I’d like to be memorable, and people tell me I deliver an emotional rollercoaster, from laughter to tears.

Was making the decision to leave a corporate law role and academia the hardest one you have ever made? What was the motivation and is there no going back now? 
God no. It was a very easy decision. If I’d stayed doing that job, there wouldn’t be much of me left by now. The choice was between money and security, or risk, failure and satisfaction. I didn’t have any dependents, kids or debt. Easy choice. I am maybe stupid or lucky in that I don’t have a huge amount of desire to have things or money. Beyond food and rent, festival registration and my private jet I don’t really have many needs.

What do you think has been your biggest stand out comedy moment on stage so far and why?
In Kindy, I dressed as a fish. My mum had stayed up late to finish making the costume out of a cardboard box with scales painted on the sides and it hung over my shoulders with braces. Everyone else had store bought little mermaid bullshit. My twin brother had a similar fish. I felt pretty much like we won that day. You could clap your hands inside and outside the costume/box. Other than that? Probably getting my special aired on the ABC.

What sorts of things does a comedian do on tour between shows to pass the time?
I read a lot because I’m a massive nerd. Go over my show and figure out what to make better. Other than that, lots of jail push-ups and fighting the other disaffected street gangs of roving comedians.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Alice Fraser plays at The Niche at The Producers (235 Grenfell Street, Adelaide) from 16 February through 12 March. Tickets at Fringe Tix.

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