Ella Hooper of Killing Heidi and The Verses is heading to town for one night only to play tunes off her relatively new double EP Venom/New Magic and more. Ella made time for a quick Q&A with Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles about her show and plans for 2017.

2017 is well and truly here so what are your plans this year?
Killing Heidi reunion, Ella hooper solo touring and making a new solo record – AND learning how to drive and cook (well) are all featured in my plan for the year!

Playing the Adelaide Fringe is great news and definitely the best time of year to be here. Are you excited about this show?
Very! I love Adelaide and I love the fringe. I have many mates in the carnie and burlesque scene, so I am thrilled to be joining them in the garden!

What can fans expect at this show?
My show is one part Intense tales of heartbreak, self examination and brutal honesty, (from my Venom EP) offset by a lighter more 90’s element of strummy alt-pop that is tongue in cheek, and hopeful (from my New Magic EP) Oh, and it’s all a bit witchy. I used music to heal (myself and maybe even others) and release I’m touring ‘Venom/New Magic’ is a kind of grief and release spell performed in public. It’s quite a ride.

Are there any plans for new music this year?
Yes, definitely. I’ll be working on it but can’t say too much at this point.

Ella Hooper performing Low High

Being super talented and being able to do so many different things from singer songwriter to radio presenter to TV personality is there anything you prefer or is the cliché ‘variety is the spice of life’ what it’s about?
Haha, you got me. That is indeed my motto and I say it all the time. You could also just say I have a short attention span.. but I prefer the motto! I always enjoyed doing interviews as an artist – which is apparently quite rare, so I thought why not conduct them myself and see what other media streams I can swim in?

Branching out in to merchandise is genius, how did the nail polish idea come about?
I love good nails, always have, was addicted the the tacky drugstore stick on’s long before nail art became cool, so it’s been a dream of mine for a while. Then when a friend’s wife said she makes her own professional grade boutique batch nail polish, I was all ‘O RILLY…..? Tell me more.’ I commissioned her to help create the Venom / New Magic shades and now they can be yours!

Is this just the beginning with merchandise with plans to expand in to fashion or something like that?
I wish! Now I need a friends wife that can sew… (No really, I did design my latest merch tee, and it sold like hot cakes at my last show, so maybe! Will be bringing all the goodies to Adelaide, of course!).

Late last year Killing Heidi played their first live show in 10 years, can we expect more from Killing Heidi in 2017 and how was it being back on stage with your brother?
It was fantastic, honestly one of the best shows of any kind I’ve played in years. Distance certainly made the heart grow fonder. It was powerful, emotional, high energy and so so lovely and fun to share the stage with Jess again. We are definitely going to take the show around the country this year, so stay tuned.

Is it tough always being compared to what you did then or has public opinion changed and accepted that you have moved on to other things?
Hmmm. It has been a little tough, and annoying in the past, but I think it’s becoming more recognised that I do have other strings to my bow, and that I’m still making fun intelligent pop music even if you don’t hear it on the radio?! I may always be the girl from killing Heidi, but that doesn’t bug me so much now and those in the know know that I’m also a lot of other things ;).

What is next for Ella Hooper?
I have very high hopes and good feelings about 2017. And 2018 too, But I won’t bore you with my 5 year plan.. ! Let’s just say lots of music, media and hopefully some new tricks! Aiming to be soft on self and hard at work.

By Rob Lyon

Ella Hooper plays The Garden Of Unearthly Delights on March 7. Tickets from Fringe Tix.


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