Wankernomics: Solutionising The Corporate World @ The Virago at Gluttony, Adelaide 14/3/2023

Two of Australia’s most cynical and satirical comedians are testing out their new show on Adelaide Fringe audiences – and aren’t we the lucky ones!?

The Chaser’s Charles Firth and The Shovel’s James Schloeffel are our esteemed instructors in an MBA on corporate speak that only takes an hour to earn.

Teaching us everything we need to know to survive the corporate world, the delivery was rapid-fire, side-splitting, and a piss-take of all things buzz word.

Meetings on teams, online learning, arts degrees, and tradies were all condemned to the Shovel treatment … and that was just in the icebreaker!

Corporate social talk in meetings was one of the funniest “units” of study in this hour. As a communication academic, this reviewer was left reeling with laughter at some of the hilarious insights into tertiary education and navigating the corporate world.

My favourite part was the case study into quoting for consultancy work. It’s amazing to see how those costs can add up especially just to write a mission statement.

Social media, influencers, the insane cost of placing a flag on Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Amazon and the gig economy were all under fire.

The last part of the show was not as pithy as the rest; perhaps because efforts to quantify love are not as easily done. That said, a very funny hour of laughs.

Get along to see this show in this last week of the Fringe. You’ll then be able to confound and befuddle your co-workers with your command of corporate speak in your next email or teams call – and have a Shovel MBA to prove it.

Fringe Review By Kim Burley

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